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Where is everyone? Whatever you want to track, our tracking system brings you the dot on the map along with all the data analysis that come with it. There can be as many dots as you need. They can be personnel, shoppers, athletes, medical equipment, forklifts, horses, a golf club or whatever you can think of. Our tracking system is real-time, accurate, highly customizable, fully scalable and cost efficient. It has been successfully applied across various use-cases worldwide, from healthcare, retail (Walmart) and security to logistics, manufacturing and sports.


+ Healthcare
+ Retail
+ Security
+ Sports
+ Logistics

Unique Technology

Our tracking system uses an Intelligent Locating System, technology based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), unique Angle-of-Arrival signal processing method and advanced positioning algorithms.

It uses advanced antennas, the Locators, to measure the direction (Angle-of- Arrival) of a radio signal transmitted by a Tag. Tags are BLE radio transmitters sending a specified radio packet. They are designed to be easily attached to a person or object. They are lightweight, waterproof and shockproof and house a 3-axis accelerometer, a thermometer and a programmable button as well as a LED that can be commanded using the back channel.

The result is sent to the Positioning Engine, which uses advanced algorithms to compute the Tag's position and creates outputs in various formats.

The Angle-of-Arrival method enables the tracking system to determine accurate 2D position using only one Locator. With two Locators, the system is able to compute accurate 3D position.

In practice, the Tag is usually visible to several Locators, allowing for continuous positioning and substantially improving the accuracy and reliability.

Key Features

+ Superior accuracy

We can achieve inch-level accuracy. Accuracy is relative to the distance between the Tag and the Locator and to the number of Locators.

+ Real-Time Data

Location update rate up to 100 Hz, and latency down to 100 ms. A tracking system can be configured to use proprietary channels, on which the standard Tags can transmit up to 50 Hz. On standard BLE channels the transmit rate is limited to 10 Hz, as per BLE regulation.

+ Bluetooth Compatible

A tracking system is able to track any BLE device transmitting a specified radio packet, as well as receive and expose data from BLE sensors. Therefore we can follow things such smartphones, heart rate monitors, pressure sensors, etc.

+ Open and Customizable Tag Design

A standard Tag is designed to be a good overall solution. It is lightweight, shockproof, waterproof, and easy to attach with straps, cable ties or similar. However, the design or functionalities of the standard Tag are not necessarily optimal for all use-cases. That's why we can make custom Tags for our clients.

If you have a ready made BLE-enabled product, it can most likely be made compatible with only slight software modifications. Whatever you want to track, we're happy to support you.

+ Long Tag battery life

Thanks to BLE technology, Tags have a very long battery lifetime. A standard Tag can transmit one packet per second 24/7 for one year. That makes roughly 31.5 million transmissions. Using the onboard sensors and/or geofencing, and activating the Tag only when needed, battery lifetime can be extended up to several years.

+ Maintenance-Free

Once installed, the tracking system normally requires no physical maintenance. The system is constantly monitoring itself and will send an alert, in case it needs attention. The Locators have inbuilt accelerometers, so if they are touched the system will know. If a Locator is offline, the system will know. In the case of a power failure, the system will perform an automated recovery.

+ RF Immunity

The tracking system is based on BLE technology, which enables compatibility with standard mobile devices. However, the 2.4 GHz band range is very crowded, so operating in these radio channels is not a trivial task.

Tracking Systems use advanced proprietary algorithms that make it a very robust and reliable solution.

+ Gateway to the Internet of Things

More and more things are connected to the internet and sending out information about themselves and their surroundings. If the thing happens to be equipped with a BLE radio – which they often do – it can be made visible to the tracking system. And if the thing has any sensors on board – which they practically always do – the sensor data can be received by the system and exposed through its open and configurable API. Connect it with IoT, telephone centers, messaging systems etc. to keep you updated about everything.

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